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The wacky life of dexter

Join the Dexter’s in this brand-new wacky adventure. David Dexter will need to survive his wild house with his 10 siblings, a crazy school with 60 clubs and a school trip he may never forget.

The Wacky Life of Dexter

A Word From The Author

Just like the Dexter’s, Adam Wafi has had bit of a CRAZY life! Born in the UK, Adam wanted to be an ASTRONAUT, he became an engineer and now he is writing books for the world to see! He has been creating AWESOME stories for YEARS with many NEW adventures coming up.

The Dexter’s will be going on more WACKY adventures so DON’T MISS OUT.

Adam Wafi
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

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The Wacky Life of Dexter
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The Wacky Life of Dexter

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The Wacky Life of Dexter

Embark on a wild and hilarious journey with the Dexter family in this uproarious tale by Adam Wafi. Join David Dexter as he navigates his zany household with ten wacky siblings, encounters a school brimming with sixty crazy clubs, and embarks on an unforgettable adventure. Drawing inspiration from his own quirky life, Wafi delivers a delightful narrative that will leave readers in stitches. Don’t miss out on this laughter-filled escapade

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